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Tanya Luebke - Administrative Assistant

TanyaAdministrative Assistant - Olson Floor Covering
Tanya began taking classes at NTC due to a layoff. She always wanted a career change and this was her opportunity. She started at NTC because it was close to home and she was uncertain of what she really wanted to do. She chose the Administrative Professional Associate Degree because, “you get more choices in the administrative professional’s career. You can work in businesses, schools, hospitals, etc. as there is always a need for this career.”
Also, she knew if she ever wanted to earn a bachelor’s degree, most of her credits would transfer to the University of Wisconsin System as well as other private colleges and universities.
“The faculty and staff are awesome,” Tanya says of her experience at NTC. “You can talk to them and go to them for help whenever needed. They are willing to work with you.


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