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Introduces diagnosis and repair of automotive electrical and electronic systems. Learners will develop the principles of basic electrical units and circuits, apply ohm’s law while interpreting wiring diagrams, and be introduced to the use electrical test equipment. Focusing on basic circuit concepts they will analyze customers concerns, diagnose basic lighting electrical circuits, research repair information, and verify completed repairs.

Pre/Corequisite: 10-602-107 AUTO SERVICE FUNDAMENTALS. Condition: Accepted into the Automotive Technology Associate Degree program, the Automotive Technician Technical Diploma, the Auto Service Technician Certificate, or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.

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Class Number Status Start/End Date Last Date to Register Instruction Mode Campus Meeting Information Pricing
Jan 23 –
May 19
Apr 14 Self-Paced Wausau
Jan 23 – May 19
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
7:30AM - 12:00PM
H112-Wausau Camp H Bld-AUTO Rd
Ross Nevienski

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