At NTC, we are proud to partner with and support our local employers. Whether you are looking to establish connections with students and alumni, connect with fellow business leaders and drive the future of educational offerings or further develop your organization through customized training and continuing education, we are dedicated to connecting you with resources that will help your business achieve success.

Workforce & Business Development

Our skilled Workforce Training & Professional Development team is local to the area and interested in being a true business partner for the long term sustainability of your organization.

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Hiring NTC Students & Alumni

Looking to hire NTC students and graduates? You’re not alone. NTC graduates are highly valued in the workplace for their technical and soft skills.

We are pleased to offer Handshake as a statewide, online employment information system for recruiting Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) students and graduates for all types of employment and internship opportunities. The site enables you to post employment and/or internship opportunities, which will be viewed by students and alumni. Students and alumni can also set their criteria so opportunities can be emailed directly to them. Additionally, employers are able to review students’ accounts and resumes. 

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Providing an internship can be a rewarding experience as an employer, offering you an opportunity to give students the on-the-job experience that will help them expand their skills and knowledge, while strengthening ties with your workforce.


Apprenticeship promotes retention and loyalty while proving a unique training opportunity that puts an employee’s skills and knowledge into direct practice.

Youth Apprenticeship

Employers who participate in Youth Apprenticeship have the pleasure of increasing students career interest and awareness while offering a unique educational experience.

Mock Interviews & Job Fairs

We welcome employers on campus to connect with students through mock interviews and job fairs. NTC’s Career Services office offers a number of targeted job fairs for NTC students and alumni who are interested in internship opportunities, jobs or continuing their education.

Students also have the opportunity to connect with you through mock interviews, where you can ask real interview questions and provide professional feedback. These events allow you to connect with and start the process of hiring our students and graduates. For more information on these opportunities, contact Ben Bliese by phone at 715.803.1190 or by email at

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Serve on an Advisory Committee

NTC is always looking for community and business members to help shape the future of education and ensure programs provide the latest in knowledge and technology.