Technical Colleges are closer to business and industry than any other educational system. Advisory committees, comprised of local business experts, assure that NTC’s programs meet business and industry and community needs.

NTC’s program advisory committees provide advice and counsel to Deans and faculty regarding specific NTC associate degree and technical diploma programs. Advisory committee members provide input and make recommendations to the faculty and administration on changes in direction for the programs, including suggestions for improvement, expansion, and/or innovation. This ensures the College is offering relevant programs that meet local and regional workforce needs and address industry standards.

More than 800 industry experts from 430 area businesses and organizations serve on NTC’s 50 advisory committees. In addition to program advisory committees, NTC also has advisory committees dedicated to soliciting input on the College’s regional campuses and Business & Industry services.

NTC is always looking for community and business members to help shape the future of education and ensure programs provide the latest in knowledge and technology. Committees meet twice per year and provide recommendations on the quality and relevance of technical college education instruction.

  • Membership Information: Membership of the advisory committee consists of 10–15 representatives of local businesses, educational partners and community members.
  • Term: Each member serves a two-to-three year term.
  • Time Commitment: Your time commitment is minimal. Committees meet twice per year for about one-to-two hours each time.
  • Additional Leadership Opportunities: Looking to expand your leadership skills? Each committee has a Chair and Vice Chair position.

If you’re interested in serving on an NTC advisory committee, contact Kelly Skarlupka, Executive Assistant to the Vice President for Learning, at 715.803.1750 or