The Access & Accommodations Team collaborates with students, faculty and staff to ensure equal access to college programs, services and activities for eligible students with documented disabilities. We create academic accommodation plans and offer support services to promote independence and self-advocacy while students pursue their educational goals.

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Apply For Accommodations

You can begin the accommodations process at any time by completing the accommodations application form.
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Disability Accommodations

Students with an accommodation plan in Starfish must complete the accommodation request forms each semester.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Students share common concerns and questions regarding accommodations at the college level such as, what accommodations do you offer, what are the procedures, etc.
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Contact Center for Access & Accommodations

The Access & Accommodations team is happy to help you. We are located in room C163 at the Wausau campus.
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Center for Access & Accommodations Policies

NTC’s policies and procedures support equal access to college programs, services and activities, while complying with state and federal laws.
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Pregnant & Parenting Resources

This information supports students who may have restrictions/limitations due to a pregnancy or birth of a child.