Students share common concerns and questions related to accommodations and their education at NTC. The Access & Accommodations team is happy to discuss specific questions regarding your accommodation plan or other disability related topics. Please contact us at or 715.803.1469.

Important Information About Accommodation Plans

Access & Accommodations staff will be creating an accommodation plan and you will have access to the plan in Starfish.

Access & Accommodations staff is able to alert the instructors in each of your courses of your approved accommodations in Starfish on an ongoing basis each semester. Instructors will not accept a hard copy of your accommodation plan. It is important that you contact Center for Access & Accommodations if you add a course so staff can alert the instructors. Access & Accommodations staff is able to view students with accommodations in Starfish each semester and alert instructors. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Center for Access & Accommodations at or 715.803.1469.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use my accommodations at NTC?

In post-secondary education, the student must self- identify or disclose his/her disability. Accommodations are not mandatory, students need to apply and need to be their own self-advocate. Students have the option to pick and choose which approved accommodations they want to take advantage of and when to use them. Students will need to request pre-approved adaptive equipment and complete online forms to request testing accommodations for each of their classes. Students can make these requests when the semester starts by visiting the Center for Access & Accommodations page. Students will automatically have their accommodations plan shared with their instructor in Starfish at the beginning of each semester, unless they notify Access & Accommodations Staff that they don’t want their plan shared. If you have any questions on how to use your approved accommodations, please reach out to the Center for Access & Accommodations office.

What if my diagnosis changes - can my accommodation plan be updated?

Accommodation plans are unique to a student’s individual needs and can be updated at any time. Plans can be updated with the change in diagnosis or to support the student as they progress through their program and their needs change. Many times a meeting will be held with the student, instructor and Center for Access & Accommodations to develop appropriate accommodations, while also maintaining established course standards.

How do I request adaptive equipment?

If you are a student that has been approved to use adaptive equipment for your courses, you must complete the online form to rent the equipment at no cost from the Center for Access & Accommodations office. The equipment will be used for academic purposes only and should be returned to the Access & Accommodations office at the completion of the course or by the end of the semester. Students who are approved for adaptive equipment are responsible for requesting equipment at the beginning of their courses.

How do I use testing accommodations?

Students must be pre-approved to use testing accommodations. Students will then have to submit a request to use their testing accommodations for each class.

If you are enrolled in face-to-face classes, you will need to schedule a date/time to take your exams at the Center for Access & Accommodations office/Testing Center. Please complete the online form at our Center for Access & Accommodations page. Students will need to complete the form for each class they are enrolled in. It is best to have your syllabus available when completing the form. Once you submit the form, a copy of the request will be sent to the student, the instructor, and the Access & Accommodations office.

If you are enrolled in an online class, you will need to complete the online form so your instructor knows that you would like to use your accommodations.

The instructor has three business days to complete a testing accommodations request. It is best to submit the forms at the beginning of the semester to allow adequate time for instructors to complete requests.

What do I do if my instructor isn’t following my accommodations?

If you have completed a request to use accommodations for your course and your instructor isn’t following your plan, you have a couple options. First, self-advocate and have a conversation with your instructor. Instructors encourage and appreciate open communication. If they aren’t following an accommodation that is on your plan, it may have been overlooked or it’s possible that there is a reasonable explanation as to why it wasn’t followed. Second, feel free to reach out to the Center for Access & Accommodations staff for support. Access & Accommodations can follow up with an instructor or facilitate a conversation on your behalf.

Is all my information confidential? Who will you tell about my disability?

All NTC students are considered adults (even if you are a dual credit student) with privacy and confidentiality protections. A student’s disability documentation should only be given to Center for Access & Accommodations during the application process. The student’s disability documentation is kept in our Center for Access & Accommodations office and other departments and staff do not have access to this material. Students will complete a Release of Information form to advise the Center for Access & Accommodations staff of whom they can share information with throughout their time at NTC, to include parents or legal guardians.

How are college accommodations different than high school?

There are many ways college accommodations differ from high school. Here is a document that shares a quick comparison.

Learn About the Differences

If I am not taking classes yet but need accommodations for my entrance tests, how do I do that?

Please contact the Center for Access & Accommodations office at 715.803.1469 or email to discuss the accommodations approval process.