DigiCopy Print Services

Place orders for print services, including items such as: business cards, letterhead, notepads, posters, envelopes, flyers and brochures, or general print jobs.


Check your staff email (or use the Microsoft Office Suite web apps) with Office 365.

Employee Phonebook

Find employee phone numbers, email addresses, mailstops, and other employee information. You must be connected to the NTC private network on campus or through VPN off campus to access this resource.


Create forms, manage workflows, or view/edit form submissions.


IT Help Desk

Submit help desk tickets for technical assistance.


The Library provides learning and informational resources, access to technology and research assistance to students, faculty, staff and community members.

MyFiles (VPN)

The MyFiles VPN allows you to access your files and some applications while off campus.


View course rosters and schedules and enter grades through MyNTC.

Printing Portal

The printing portal is used for reporting and adding money to student accounts.

Professional Development

The NTC Professional Development website is where all staff can access upcoming professional development opportunities and resources to support teaching and learning.

Syllabus Library

View our syllabus library through Simple Syllabus.


Update, develop and maintain your courses’ Above the Line Curriculum in WIDS.

Web Author Login

For authorized website content editors: add/edit content or calendar events.


Working From Home Technology Documentation

Information and tutorials for tools and resources that help facilitate working from home, including email, video calling, screen sharing, accessing files on network drives, connecting to PeopleSoft, and connecting through VPN.