Training grants are a benefit to each company that apply and receive because a significant amount of training can be included and accomplished for the employees and creating a higher skilled workplace.

Workforce Advancement Training (WAT) Grant

Partnership with us, we manage for you.

All businesses are eligible for grant funds so long as their guidelines are maintained. The funds are applied for, managed and dispersed by your local Technical College training partner. Grant funds can greatly offset the cost for developing and delivering training projects; up to 50%. Your training program can consist of both credit and noncredit customized training projects. No Consulting services can be incorporated.

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Fast Forward Grant

Self-written and self-managed.

The intent is to provide essential assistance that cannot be met through an existing program. Grants will be awarded to maximize the impact of funds in catalyzing local collaboration and also encouraging the development of sustained pipelines that directly align with employer needs. The jobs of the 21st-century economy depend on these training programs.

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If you have questions, would like to apply for a Workforce Advancement Training Grant, or want to work with us using a Fast Forward Grant, contact Jared at 715.803.1471 or

Jared Eggebrecht

Jared Eggebrecht

Director of Workforce Training & Professional Development
Jared provides leadership to the contract training team and provides services to our business partners in the central and south areas for customized training solutions.