We offer customized training and consulting services to help your business reach its goals. From specific training programs in certain areas, to facilitating a group discussion, to providing individual coaching or performing an assessment for process improvement, we have a solution for you.

Customized On-Site Training

Our training programs can be credit based, leading to advanced certificates and degrees, or professional development workshops with topics that can be utilized immediately in the workplace. Our programs cater to all levels of an organization and cover everything from strategic planning to customer service, plus a large menu of technical training programs designed after NTC degrees and diplomas.

A businessman running a customized training session with several other professionals in attendance, seated at desks.

Consulting & Technical Assistance

Sometimes, specific training programs aren’t the answer. In these cases, we can assist your team by asking the tough questions and pointing your company in the right direction. Our professional team will add a rich new dimension to your organization.

Two businessmen sitting at a table having a discussion.

Grant Projects

Training grants are a benefit to each company that apply and receive because a significant amount of training can be included and accomplished for the employees and creating a higher skilled workplace.

Businesswoman works on a writing a grant.