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Sometimes a structured training program may not be the answer for your unique situation. If this is the case, we can assist your team by facilitating a group discussion or providing one-on-one coaching or assessment to aid in process improvement. Our experts can help find you a solution in a cost-effective manner.

Specialized, Local Consultants

The cost of bringing in a consultant from outside the area can be very high. NTC’s Business & Industry team can reduce that barrier for your organization, as we work with a broad network of local, knowledgeable experts who can assess your needs and offer consulting services that will meet your needs.

Ultimately, our goal for consulting services is to be a true business partner, ask the hard questions and help achieve long-term sustainability for your organization.

Benefit From Our Expertise, Equipment, or Guidance

Let us be your partner for resources such as instructor technical expertise, equipment utilization, or assistance in your business efforts if you’re just looking for guidance on a process, technique or development of your staff.

Get Started

Let us know you’re interested by contacting Brenda at 715.803.1426 or, and our Business Development Managers will meet with your company representatives in order to offer the  best, most applicable consulting service for your company.

Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe

Brenda Zimmermann Thorpe

Business Development Manager — East Region

Brenda provides service to our business partners in the district’s east region for customized training solutions.