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Are you hoping to increase your talents in the kitchen? NTC is excited to offer a variety of cooking classes that will improve your skills and add new knowledge and techniques to your culinary abilities.

Courses are taught by our knowledgeable Culinary Arts program instructors and feature interactive, hands-on cooking demonstrations and practice, along with plenty of taste-testing.

Cake Decorating

If you want to learn how to decorate a cake that looks like it came from a professional bakery, join us for a hands-on evening class to explore the techniques needed to create a unique cake presentation.

Cake Decorating 101 (March 5 – Wausau Campus – #64538)

Cake Decorating 101 (March 19 – Antigo Campus – #64539)

Cake Decorating 101 (April 16 – Phillips Campus – #64540)

Cake Decorating 101 (May 7 – Medford Campus – #64541)

Fun Cupcake Designs

This instructor-led class will teach the learner how to make some decorative cupcakes. The take home is the work that you complete. (Each student will decorate six cupcakes for take home and a few for samples.)

Fun Cupcake Designs (March 20 – Wausau Campus – #64789)

Fun Cupcake Designs (March 27 – Antigo Campus – #64790)

Fun Cupcake Designs (April 3 – Phillips Campus – #64791)

Fun Cupcake Designs (April 10 – Spencer Campus – #64792)

Fun Cupcake Designs (April 17– Wittenberg Campus – #64793)

Fun Cupcake Designs (April 24 – Medford Campus – #64794)

Other Offerings

Adding Life to Your Sandwich (February 21 – Wausau Campus – #64796)

Tired of the same old sandwich in your lunch pail? This class will help you raise the bar with your everyday sandwich by utilizing ingredients in your pantry, along with introducing some new flavor combinations. This is a demonstration class w/ samples.

Pie Day (March 14 – Wausau Campus – #64797)

Join NTC on March 14th for an evening of pie making fun! This class will be a hands-on class that will allow attendees to make pies that can be taken home. Each student will receive two pies to take home - one cooked and one for the freezer.

Southern Classics Made Easy (March 28 – Wausau Campus – #64798)

Join us as we embark on a culinary journey to find the essence of Southern cuisine. This course is a demonstration and sample course where attendees can try mouthwatering dishes and learn the basics of the recipe being prepared.

Brunch! (April 10 – Wausau Campus – #64799)

Want to make a brunch that excites your guests? This class will introduce you to some new brunch ideas and keep the classics with a reinvented, gourmet twist. This class is a demonstration class that will provide samples, recipes, and a whole lot of fun!

Smoking Foods (April 11 – Wausau Campus – #64788)

Learn how to make some classic, mouthwatering smoked dishes! This course will examine making brines, the various types of woods used for smoking, and how to season your smoked foods.

Grilling Professionally (May 16 – Wausau Campus – #64548)

Learn how to make your grilled foods taste great! This hands-on class allows you to learn about the various methods used for grilling a number of food products - just in time to have the best grilled foods in the neighborhood for summer!

Gnocchi Explained (May 21 – Wausau Campus – #64800)

This hands-on course will show you the many different ways to make yummy gnocchi. We will explore three different types of gnocchi (potato, ricotta, and squash) and each gnocchi recipe will be paired with a traditional sauce and variation.

Healthful Eating (May 29 – Wausau Campus – #64801)

Spring has arrived and vegetables are plentiful - let this class jump start your summer healthy eating! This demonstration course will cover some healthy recipes using vegetables from the market and will provide plenty of samples.