Post Secondary

Provides the learner with the skills and knowledge for troubleshooting basic solid-state devices and circuits. The construction, identification, and operating characteristics of solid-state devices are investigated. The learner builds test circuits, gathers and analyzes data, and follows safety procedures. Methods for locating defective components are applied. The replacement of printed circuit board components is performed. Also examined is the effect of temperature on the operation of solid-state devices.

Students who specified one or more of these Programs of Study or Program Foci: Dairy Grazier, Data Analyst, Diesel Technician, Electrical and Instrumentation, Industrial Electrician, Instrumentation, IT Service Desk Technician, IT - Software Developer, Journeyman Apprentice Upgrade Courses, Journeyman Upgrade Industrial Truck Mechanic, Journeyman Upgrade Maintenance Mechanical/Pipefitter, Journeyman Upgrade Vibration Technician, Lubrication Technician, Machinist, Maintenance Technician, Medical Assistant, Millwright/Maintenance Mechanic, Plumbing, Tool & Die

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