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Machine Shop


Apply and learn operation of mills, lathes, drilling, grinding and general metal fabrication. This course is designed to give the learner the theory and hands-on training leading to the ability to work safely in a shop. Individual part fabricating and precision measurement are covered.

Condition: Accepted into the Electromechanical Technology or Welding Fabrication & Robotics Associate Degree program, or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.

Availability & Registration

We offer the following class sections for this course. View more class specific details and registration information by selecting a class number.

Class Number Start/End Date Last Date to Register Campus Meeting Information Pricing
62122 - Wausau
H108-Wausau Camp H Bld- MT Lab
Jeffrey Block
62116 - Wausau
10:00AM - 12:50PM
H108-Wausau Camp H Bld- MT Lab
Duane Yorde