A student who audits a course has the privilege of attending class, receiving an audit (AU) grade and is not required to complete assignments or take examinations.

Why Would a Student Want to Audit a Course?

A student may wish to audit a course for personal enrichment, to explore career paths, network with fellow students or to increase knowledge on a particular subject without the pressure of being assessed or graded. Audited classes may also serve as educational opportunities to allow the student to prepare for independent certification exams. For the benefit of the instructor and fellow students, an audit student is encouraged to actively participate in all class activities or exercises and share their insights or life experiences with the rest of the class.

Audit Requirements

Audited courses are not considered part of a student’s credit load for financial aid, veteran’s benefits, or for any other purpose for which a student wishes the school to certify enrollment status.

Audited courses cannot be used to satisfy prerequisites or graduation requirements and do not affect grade point average (GPA) calculations.

When auditing a course, a student may not change from audit to credit status or from credit to audit status after the first ten percent (10%) of the class.

The audit option is based on space availability and is not available for community service and apprenticeship courses.

An auditing student must register and pay the same tuition and fees as students enrolled for credit and standard withdrawal/refund policies apply. However, Wisconsin Statute Section 38.24 (4m) provides a program fee exemption if the following requirements are met:

  • You are age 60 or older on the day the class starts or first date of attendance, whichever is later.
  • You are a resident of Wisconsin or covered under a reciprocity agreement with another state.

Individuals eligible for this exemption are still required to pay the material fee, the supplemental fee, and all other applicable fees. Professional development seminars include an additional fee for all registrants, including seniors. Please ask at the time of registration about this additional fee.

The College reserves the right to determine certain classes as inappropriate for audit and/or limit the number of auditing students per class.

To Request a Course Audit:

  1. Complete the Request to Audit Form. Audit requests require the instructor’s approval.
  2. Students may enroll in the class prior to returning the form; however the form needs to be returned within the first ten percent (10%) of the class.
  3. Return the form to Student Services – Student Records (mailstop C110), Wausau Campus or email studentrecords@ntc.edu.
  4. Student Records will enter the audit (AU) grade onto the student’s record and complete any applicable program fee exemptions and will notify the student through their NTC email account when completed. Instructors do not enter an audit (AU) grade.


For any questions regarding auditing a course, please contact the Student Records Office at 715.803.1023 or studentrecords@ntc.edu.