The following parameters will be adhered to in an effort to keep students and employees safe and the college protected during student club travel or student field trips scheduled as part of the class curriculum.

271 Administrative/Operating Guideline

  1. All field trips or club trips must be attended by a club advisor, faculty member or designated staff member. While not mandatory, trips that involve an overnight stay should consider utilizing two faculty/staff members. If possible, one shall be male and one female. This allows students to communicate with an individual of the same sex, if desired, and an alternate, if one is available.
  2. Only the faculty, staff, enrolled students and paid participants are allowed to attend. Exceptions may be made in writing by the President or designee.
  3. Prior to the field trip or event, conduct training with participants regarding potential hazards, including training on any special equipment that may be required as part of the event.
  4. No alcoholic beverage is to be consumed by employees or students on the bus or during travel to and from the destination. No alcoholic beverage is to be consumed at any official event unless specifically designated. Use/possession of controlled substances is prohibited at any time.
  5. All groups are encouraged to lease vehicles from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Larger groups are encouraged to contract with third party transportation companies where drivers are provided.
  6. Use of owned, rented, leased, or hired 15-passenger vans is prohibited.
  7. Prior to being allowed to drive college owned or lease vehicles, all drivers must possess a valid driver’s license for the past three years. They must also meet the College’s minimum Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) background check performed and approved by Districts Mutual Insurance. Contact the Facilities Office for completing MVR checks.
  8. Drivers shall be limited to a maximum of eight hours of driving per day.
  9. Employees or students driving their own vehicles assume full liability for their vehicle and passengers.
  10. Cell phone use is prohibited while driving.
  11. Rental of vehicles while traveling out of the United States is prohibited.
  12. Review Student Conduct rules with participants prior to departure, including punishment for violations (Policy 242).
  13. Consult with the Director of Student Development prior to and while planning a field trip and especially if an incident occurs, phone 715.675.3331, ext. 1267.

Required Documents

The following documents must be completed and filed with the Director of Student Development at least two weeks prior to the trip.

  1. The Student Travel Conduct Code and the Acknowledgement of Risk/Acceptance of Responsibility Agreement and Release will be reviewed, signed and adhered to by students/paid participants prior to travel. (If student is under age 18, the Acknowledgement of Risk will be signed by parent/guardian.)
  2. The Field Trip Information/Approval Form and Field Trip Participant List will be completed and signed by club advisor/faculty member, Dean or designee, and signed/approved by the Director of Student Development.