Northcentral Technical College (NTC) supports students who are members of the Armed Forces and are called into active military service by the United States or are requested to work for the government during a time of emergency. To assist students, NTC has adopted a Military Leave Guideline.

When students are called to duty, they are required to complete the following:

  • Contact the NTC Registrar’s Office or NTC Veteran Certifying Official prior to the start date of the orders at 715.675.3331*
  • Provide official documentation of the orders.
  • Determine the impact each leave option (listed below) will have on their military benefits and financial aid.
  • Select leave option and complete applicable forms.

Option 1: Refund

Students enrolled in the current semester may withdraw at any time during the semester and receive a 100% refund of all tuition and fees paid for the semester.  Upon the student’s return to NTC, they will be given priority to be readmitted as a continuing student into their program.

Option 2: Incomplete Grade & Extension

Students, who are in good standing, may remain in class for the current semester and receive an Incomplete (I) grade. They will work with the instructor to determine an appropriate extension deadline based on the class time missed due to leave and the required work to be completed.

As a military-friendly school, NTC will work with each student to select the option that best fits their needs. However, some circumstances, including but not limited to clinical or lab availability, nature of course content missed, or length of ordered leave, may prevent NTC from offering the incomplete/extension option to the student. In these cases where NTC cannot offer the incomplete/extension option, the student would have the option for a refund as stated above.

*If students are ordered to immediate deployment and are unable to contact the college directly to withdraw from classes, the Registrar or approved person on a Release of Information form may be empowered to act on behalf of the student to select the best possible option during their call to active duty.