Northcentral Technical College values and honors diverse experiences and perspectives and strives to create a welcoming and respectful learning environment to promote access, opportunity and justice for all. Referring to students by the name they wish to be called in classrooms and when interacting with college personnel supports a respectful learning environment. The reasons for choosing a preferred name rather than a legal name are personal and different for each individual. The college strives to use preferred name in communications as appropriate; however, there may be instances where legal name is still used.

Adding Preferred Name in MyNTC

  1. Sign in to MyNTC
  2. On the right side of the screen, select ‘Preferred Name’ under Personal Information
  3. Select your preferred name that is currently listed to edit
  4. Update first name 
  5. Save

How does a student complete a legal name change?

Request the Name Change form from Student Records at Documentation of legal name change is required.


Who can have a preferred name?

All students are able to have a preferred name (applies to first name only); however, it is not required to have a preferred name on file.

Reasons why a student may opt to use a preferred name?

Students who opt to use a preferred name do so for a variety of reasons including the preference of a nickname, middle name, anglicized name or a name that affirms their gender identity.

Can a student use preferred name for everything at NTC?

The legal (primary) name will be used in business processes and other activities that require use of a legal name. Below are the areas where preferred name and legal name will be used.

Preferred Name

  • Canvas
  • Class Roster
  • Diploma
  • Graduation ceremony & awards/recognitions
  • MyNTC Student Portal
  • Starfish
  • Student Email Display Name
  • Zoom

Legal Name

  • Account Statement (PDF)
  • BMTX, Inc.
  • Class Schedule (PDF)
  • Federal, Grant, State, & Tribal Reporting
  • Federal Immigration Documents
  • Financial Aid documents & reports
  • Student ID card
  • Tax Forms (1098T)
  • Transcripts
  • Virtual Care Group

How often is a student allowed to change their preferred name?

A student may make a preferred name change once by accessing their MyNTC account. Additional preferred name change requests or removal of a preferred name can be completed by contacting the Student Records department.

Can a student change their preferred name to whatever they want?

The college reserves the right to not accept a preferred name that is vulgar, offensive, obscene or fanciful, or creates confusion of the individual with another individual. The use of a preferred name cannot be used for the purpose of misrepresentation and must otherwise comply with college policies, including the Student Code of Conduct. Name changes may not be used to avoid legal obligations or for illegal purposes.

When will the preferred name go into effect?

Students should allow 24-48 hours for the preferred name to update in the appropriate systems.

Who does a student contact if they have more questions?

Student Records Office at or 715.803.1023