These guidelines are part of Northcentral Technical College’s commitment in promoting the safety and health of its staff, students, visitors, and general public.

It is the guideline of the Northcentral Technical College District that smoking or use of smokeless tobacco products by employees, students, and visitors, vendors, and contractors is prohibited on all District owned or operated Campuses and Grounds. This applies to all campus property, campus owned vehicles, and parking lots.

These guidelines include all devices used to smoke tobacco products and also electronic cigarettes, e-cigarettes, or personal vaporizers that are alternatives to smoking tobacco products.


The goal of the guidelines is to promote a healthier environment for everyone. Enforcement will depend upon the cooperation of all faculty, staff, and students, not only to comply with these guidelines but also to encourage others to comply with these guidelines in order to promote a healthier environment in which to work, study, and live. Anyone who observes a violation of these guidelines is asked to remind people of the guidelines or to report the violation to Campus Security (ext. 1111).

Students, visitors, vendors, and contractors found using any form of tobacco or smoking alternatives on campus will be subject to the following:

First Offense

Students or visitors will receive a written warning from Campus Security reminding them of the college tobacco use guidelines and that repeat violations will result in a monetary fine and an NTC Student Code of Conduct violation.

Second Offense

Students and visitors will receive a $20.00 fine from Campus Security. Students will be warned that any further violations will result in a higher fine and referral to the Director of Student Development for an NTC Code of Conduct Violation. Visitors, vendors, and contractors will be advised that any future violations will result in a higher fine and being banned from the campus.

Third Offense

Students and visitors will receive a $50.00 fine from Campus Security. Students will be referred to the Director of Student Development for a repeat Code of Conduct Violation which could result in sanctions including expulsion. Visitors will be asked to leave the campus and face being banned from campus.

Payment of Fines

Persons cited for violation of these guidelines must pay the fine within fifteen days of receipt of the citation. All fines are payable to Northcentral Technical College. Fines can be paid by mail, on-line, or in person at Student Finance.

Failure to Pay Fines

Outstanding fines may be referred to a collection agency. These procedures will be applicable to all students, faculty, and staff, or other persons utilizing College facilities who receive fines for violating these guidelines. A student who has a pending fine or fines may not register for classes nor have transcripts released until all fines are paid in full.

General Tobacco Cessation

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line

The Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line offers free, 24/7 confidential, non-judgmental coaching and information about how to quit tobacco. Quit coaches help each caller develop an individualized quit plan. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW or visit

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

The CDC offers a number of resources to assist in quitting tobacco. The site offers benefits to quitting, tips, and compelling stories from individuals who have suffered as a result of their smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke. Visit is intended to help you or someone you care about quit smoking. Different people need different resources as they try to quit smoking cigarettes. The information and professional assistance available on this website can help support your immediate and long-term needs as you become, and remain, a nonsmoker. Visit

Smokeless Tobacco Cessation

My Last Dip

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Kill the Can

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