We honor our students as they prepare to cross the graduation stage and continue their journey as NTC alumni.

We celebrate our students as they prepare to take the next step after crossing our graduation stage.

Our alumni go on to do great things in the community and their strong connection to NTC is what keeps bringing them back to campus as volunteers, lifelong learners and donors who give back through scholarships.

Hear From Our Graduates

Each student has a unique story to tell as they worked to complete their classes while balancing multiple responsibilities.

Alex posing while wearing an NTC graduation cap and holding his diploma

Alex Brzezinski

“I’ve been able to gain a lot of friendships and have a lot of leadership experiences which are going to help me in my professional career in the future.”
Carly posing while wearing an NTC graduation cap and holding her diploma.

Video Production
Carly Bandock

“When I was here it allowed me to feel like people are here for you and they do care about you and I think that was really nice…and I’m going to take that with me.”
Marissa posing while wearing an NTC graduation cap and holding her diploma.

Dental Hygiene
Marissa Monpas

“I think that I’ll miss my peers the most because we work so hard together, especially in the program itself, so I think reflecting back you realize how many friends you make.”
Nathan posing while wearing an NTC graduation cap and holding his diploma.

Architectural Design & Technology
Nathan Olson

“I’ve really been able to open up and I’ve been able to learn and further my education. (NTC) has been able to offer me so many opportunities and I’m really grateful for that.”
Victoria posing while wearing an NTC graduation cap and holding her diploma.

Dairy Science
Victoria Leitza

“One of the most important things that we can do for ourselves is continue our education and continue to grow in life.”
William posing while wearing an NTC graduation cap and holding his diploma.

Electromechanical Technology
William Bessette

“I recently became part of the student leadership team because I am continuing my education and going (forward) with the Automation degree as well as Electromechanical.”

Outstanding Graduates

NTC is proud of our students’ academic achievements. Each semester, one graduate who goes above and beyond is chosen to represent their program of study as the outstanding graduate.

Alex Brzezinski
Dairy Science
Victoria Leitza
Diesel Technology
Cody Lang
Veterinary Science
McKenna Dassow
Diesel Equipment Mechanic
Cole Jehn
Electrical Power Distribution
Jaxson Kurtzweil
Gas Utility Construction & Service
Logan Wenninger
Gao Zoua Pa Thao
Business Management
Summer Marthaler
Digital Marketing
Kassandra Wizner
Health Care Business Administration
Mai Xiong
Leadership Development
Tyra Chlebowski
Legal Studies/Paralegal
Erin Radke
Chase Ellenbecker
Sign Language Interpreting in Education
Melinda Urmanski
Video Production
Carly Bandock
Accounting Assistant
Jessica Becker
Architectural Design & Technology
Gavin Lawless
Automotive Technology
Austin Hoffmann
Electromechanical Technology
John Lynch
Mechanical Design Engineering Technology
Austin Kochan
Safety Engineering Technology
Hanna Butler
Welding Fabrication & Robotics
Abigail Severson
Liliana Doak
Early Childhood Education
Sarah Olson
Foundation of Teacher Education
Deanna Heinichen
Early Childhood Teacher
Ellie Gerbig
Technical Studies - Journey Worker
Carl Graceffa
Dental Hygienist
Elisabeth Svoke
Medical Laboratory Technician
Fernanda Pintor Cuellar
Angela Morrow
John Budny
Medical Coding Specialist
Mary Stoinski
Surgical Technologist
Anna Wheatley
Administrative Professional
Sherry Gutknecht
IT - Computer Support Specialist
Markel Happli
IT - Software Developer
Jared Olson
Office Assistant
Kristin Wiedenhoeft
Human Services Associate
Teonna Henderson
Substance Use Disorder Counseling
Kaylee Lockhart
Human Services Assistant
Celine Konetzke
Substance Abuse Counselor Education
Amy Fromm