When Tracy Hoefs left the small town of Wisconsin Rapids to pursue a physics degree at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, he had no idea that his academic journey would lead him to Northcentral Technical College (NTC) over 30 years later.

As someone who has always loved technology, Hoefs found himself changing majors from physics to applied mathematics and computer science during his time in Madison.

Like many people, Hoefs decided to put his college career on hold to pursue other professional opportunities. However, his lifelong love for technology may only be seconded to his lifelong love of learning. Hoefs returned to college, pursuing degrees at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and at a private university in Atlanta, Ga. where he spent 20 years working.

“Sometimes you have to take a risk or try something different and that’s been the story of my life,” said Hoefs. “I’ve had a lot of wonderful adventures.”

After several years, Hoefs adventure brought him back home to central Wisconsin which led him to NTC. As a part-time student in IT and Data Analysis Specialist Certificate, Hoefs takes two or three classes a semester to be successful.

“I worked for many years, so I wanted to find a new niche [in] something that I really enjoyed doing for the rest of my career,” said Hoefs. “I love my experience here so, I’m really not in any hurry right now.”

Just as the IT industry is rapidly evolving, so are the professional opportunities for experts in the field and as technology changes, so is Hoefs — finding fulfillment in finishing what he started years ago.

Kelsi Seubert

Kelsi Seubert

Manager of Marketing & Public Relations
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