Linemen students at NTC are preparing to contribute their skills through a mutual-aid service program designed to bring electricity to homes located in the Navajo Nation.

Light Up Navajo is an initiative created through a partnership between the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) and the American Public Power Association (APPA). The Nation spans over 17 million acres across Arizona, New Mexico and Utah. According to the NTUA, Light Up Navajo families have been experiencing an improved quality of life through the use of lights, refrigeration and heating + cooling in their homes since the project began in 2019. The last phase of the project extended electricity to 173 families.

Students in NTC’s Electrical Power Distribution (Lineman) program will work alongside crews from the NTUA during phase four of the project. Arden Ziert, Ross Elmhorst and Luke Johnson will travel to the Navajo Nation and volunteer their time, along with Marc Cegielski, NTC Electrical Power Distribution Instructor, over the course of two weeks this May.

Local support of the project has been made possible due to the generosity of: Milwaukee Tools, Buckingham Manufacturing, G.E.T. Utility Sales and Speed Systems, Inc.

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About Light Up Navajo:

The success of the Light Up Navajo is largely due to communities helping the needs of other communities. Light Up Navajo embodies the true American spirit of people helping people. It’s a collaborative effort like no other – connecting homes of families that have been waiting years for electric power. No longer do family members have the burden of facing each new day without electricity, and visiting line workers gain a new level of pride when they energize a home of a grateful family.

Kelsi Seubert

Kelsi Seubert

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