If you are concerned for your immediate safety, please dial 911.

Security Information

NTC Campus Security

Dial ext. 1111 to reachNTC Campus Security. The police department and campus security can help keep you safe and provide resources on the options available to you.

Off-Campus Security

Local Police Departments (Non-Emergency)

Police Department Phone Number
Antigo Police Department 715-627-6411
Everest Metro Police Department 715-359-4201
Kronenwetter Police Department 715-845-8228
Medford Police Department 715-748-2200
Merrill Police Department 715-536-8311
Mosinee Police Department 715-693-2000
Phillips Police Department 715-339-3847
Rothschild Police Department 715-359-3879
Spencer Police Department 715-659-5453
Wausau Police Department 715-261-7800

County Sheriff Departments (Non-Emergency)

Police Department Phone Number
Marathon County Sheriff Department 715-261-1200
Lincoln County Sheriff Department 715-536-6272
Langlade County Sheriff Department 715-627-6411
Shawano County Sheriff Department 715-526-3111
Price County Sheriff Department 715-339-3011
Taylor County Sheriff Department 715-748-2200
Clark County Sheriff Department 715-743-3157

Crisis Centers and Shelters

Remember, experiencing violence can have long-lasting effects, so even if the violence happened some time ago, you are encouraged to contact any of the resources listed here.


Name: AVAIL, Inc.
PO Box 355
Antigo, WI 54409-0355
Phone: 715.623.5177
Crisis Line: 715.623.5767
TTY: TTY Capability - No Separate Number
Email: avail@availinc.org
Website: www.availinc.org
Counties Served: Langlade and Surrounding Counties upon request


Name: Stepping Stones, Inc.
PO Box 224
Medford, WI 54451
Phone: 715.748.3795
Crisis Line: 715.748.5140 or 866.343.5140
County Served: Taylor and Surrounding Area


Name: HAVEN, Inc.
PO Box 32
Merrill, WI 54452
Crisis Line:
TTY: 800.947.3529
Email: executivedirector@haveninc.org
Counties Served: Lincoln


Name: Embrace – Price County
126 Cherry St.
Phillips, WI 54555
Phone: 715.339.4521
Crisis Line: 800.924.0556
Email 1: becky@embracewi.org
Email 2: angela@embracewi.org
Website: timeoutabuseshelter.org
Embrace - Price County is a Satellite Office of Embrace in Ladysmith (Rusk County). Another Satellite Office is located in Washburn County


Name: The Women's Community
3200 Hilltop Avenue
Wausau, WI 54401
Phone: 715.842.5663
Crisis Line: 715.842.7323
Email: jane@womenscommunity.org
Website: womenscommunity.org
Counties Served: Marathon and Clark, Langlade, Lincoln, Portage, Wood upon request.

National Hotlines

  • Name: National Domestic Abuse Hotline - 800.799.SAFE (24/7 Hotline)
  • RAINN: Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network - 800.656.HOPE (24/7 Hotline)