Start Small. Think Big.

Develop the skills you need to advance in your career through Career Skill Paths, short modules of skill-based training that add up to larger degrees. These flexible, online modules build towards a certificate, technical diploma, or associate degree program allowing you to earn a degree over time.

  • Modules

    Modules are courses broken down into small bits of skill-based learning. Earn college credits and a digital badge for each module you complete.

  • Courses

    Each module ladders into a one, two or three credit course in the Career Skill Path. Earn a digital badge upon completion of an entire course.

  • Certificates & Technical Diplomas

    Courses build into an NTC Certificate and/or Technical Diploma. Certificates and Technical Diplomas are short-term options to improve on-the-job skills that can help you advance.

  • Associate Degrees

    A Certificate and/or Technical Diploma along with additional general education courses can lead to an Associate Degree. According to the Bureau of Statistics, median earnings for individuals with an associate degree are approximately 19 percent higher than for people who have only a high school diploma.

Why Career Skill Paths?

Broaden your skill set to accelerate in your career. Career Skill Paths gives working professionals complete flexibility to learn at your pace, on your schedule, all while choosing the targeted skills needed to excel. Complete small bits of learning that when combined, will earn you a certificate, technical diploma or associate degree at Northcentral Technical College. It is the ultimate individualized learning plan available 100% online.

How You’ll Learn

Modules are completed online, at your own pace. Start and stop each module as needed to fit within your schedule. All modules are designed and led by one of our faculty and take approximately five hours to complete. Earn college credits as you complete modules that build towards a larger degree. Share your achievements along the way with digital badges that will be awarded after successful completion of each module and course.

Pricing & Registration

Individual modules are $39 each. To sign up for one or more module(s), browse our available offerings, then select your preferred Career Skill Path. Once you submit your registration form, you will receive an email confirmation with a link to get started.

Leadership Development

The Leadership Development Career Skill Path is intended to train and upgrade supervisors, managers and aspiring supervisors and managers.