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Perform animal health practices and activities as it relates to calves. This hands-on lab provides learners with firsthand exposure to the duties, responsibilities and management opportunities that are present on a dairy operation. Each lab will build upon the skills from the previous lab. In this first lab, the focus will be on calf care; pre-birth through newborn calf care. Learners will have the opportunity to explore and analyze best management practices in calf feeds, nutrition, vaccinations, veterinary needs and housing options.

Pre/Corequisites: 10-091-101 ORIENTATION TO AGRICULTURE STUDIES, 10-091-104 INTRO TO ANIMAL SCIENCE, 10-091-171 EMPLOYER/EMPLOYEE RELATIONS and 10-091-175 AGRICULTURE COMPUTER APPLICATIONS. Condition: Accepted into the Dairy Science Associate Degree program, or with Dean approval.

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