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Expands upon the concepts associated with architectural design and drafting. Examines topics including: sustainable, efficient and universal design practices, architectural styles and elements of design, private site/plot development, sketching application and 3D modeling/visualization, state building code and local zoning adherence, as well as advanced roof, stairway, joist and beam design/layout. Develops learners' ability to design and create construction drawings for a two-story residence including: plans, sections, evaluations and visualization models.

Prerequisites: 10-614-101 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN 1, 10-614-121 CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY 1 and 10-614-139 AUTOCAD 2D FOR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN. Pre/Corequisite: 10-614-119 DESIGN & PRESENTATION TECHNIQUES 1 and 10-614-129 SKETCHUP FOR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN. Condition: Accepted into the Architectural Design & Technology Associate Degree program or Construction Technologies Embedded Technical Diploma, or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.


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