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Explores the theory of design and its application in the world of architecture. Focuses learners’ skills of creating and thinking within the architectural field. Examines critical elements of design theory, sketching application, and space planning. Develops skills in visualization, modeling, presentation drawings, floor plans and exterior compositions. Prepares learners to be able to discuss projects in architectural terms with appropriate professional vocabulary.

Prerequisites: 10-614-101 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN 1, 10-614-129 SKETCHUP FOR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN, 10-614-139 AUTOCAD 2D FOR ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN and 10-614-161 SUSTAINABLE BUILDING FOR ARCHITECTURE 1. Pre/Corequisite: 10-614-103 ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN 2. Condition: Accepted into the Architectural Design & Technology Associate Degree program, or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.


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