Post Secondary

Expands on learner’s knowledge of Civil 3D by providing skills in surface creation, utilizing existing survey data and break lines generated with automatic linework generation tools, developing a clear understanding on how Civil 3D surfaces are generated, as a basis for future design. Learners will then work on establishing an alignment and profile to use in a corridor model that will aid them in generating a design surface that they can utilize as a useful tool (such as cutting cross sections, determining earthwork volumes, and generating plans that could be used during construction and bidding). Learners will also get introductory exposure to feature lines, grading objects, and utility tools within the Civil 3D software.

Prerequisites: 10-607-100 INTRODUCTION TO CIVIL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY and 10-607-102 AUTOCAD AND CIVIL 3D. Condition: Accepted in the Civil Engineering Associate Degree program or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.

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