We offer an assortment of lifestyle courses for a wide variety of interests. Bring out your creative side, get active, or stay engaged within your community.

Culinary Courses

All About Steak

This course is all about beef. Aging beef, cutting beef, cooking beef and eating beef. We will talk about different grades of meat, and different cuts. Chef will provide and show how to make his Uber Umami Marinade. We will then cook varying cuts and grades of steak on the grill, under the broiler and in sous vide and the class will sample their way through in order to understand the differences.

Dinner Party Time: 3 Course Meal — Beef

Work with Chef to create a three course gourmet meal organized around beef. Sit down and enjoy the meal with the rest of the class in our new restaurant-style classroom, Spoons!

Exploring Sous Vide: Carnitas and Pork Prime Rib

Sous vide cookery is a cutting edge cooking technique that allows us to create incredibly flavorful and unique culinary experiences. In this first part of the Exploring Sous Vide series, we will make a spicy carnitas and a low and slow cooked (30 hour!) pork prime rib. Chef will demo the technique and pair the final result with flavorful sides so all participants can enjoy.

Green & Gold Tailgating: Across the Country

This series of classes focuses on fun, classic, innovative and awesome regional foods with recipes tailored for tailgating. Each week we will explore, make and eat recipes from the Packer’s opponents’ hometown. Classes at the Wausau campus will have some local beers for sale. Menu subject to change.

Grilling 101

Explore the world of grilling with Chef; participants will make marinades and sauces, grill vegetables, fruits, steak, chicken-on-the-bone and skewered shrimp. This is an introduction to grilling, doneness and flavor building on a gas grill with plenty to feast on at the end.

Holiday Cookie Cook Off

This course is a hands on cookie decorating class. Learners will ice, decorate, and enjoy holiday cookies. This course will provide 16 holiday cookies for the learner to decorate, take home and enjoy! Instructor will provide fun designs for the students to practice their skills. This class is a good way to decorate cookies without the mess of decorating.

Instapot Stocks and Sauces

Explore the pressure cooking possibilities of the instapot with Chef as you make stocks in the instapot and reduce them into veal demiglace and poulet demiglace along with some common tasty variations. Chef will provide appropriate meats and vegetables for tasting the stock based sauces.

Introduction To Canning

Curious about canning and wondering where to start? This course will use the Ball Canning Text as a guide for canning basics. Both water bath and pressure canning will be demonstrated. As well as a tasting of what is demonstrated. Jams, vegetables, and sauces, as well as handmade stock will be explored.

Instapot Stocks and Soups

We will make quick stocks in the instapot and use those stocks to make some tasty soups. Soups planned include chicken soup, asparagus cream and French onion.

Knife Essentials

This class is all about knives! We will talk about quality in knife construction and composition, and the purposes of different kinds of knives. We will sharpen knives – bring some of your own if you wish to sharpen them or practice on ours. And we will practice and explore various knife cuts, many of which are only possible with a high quality, sharpened knife.

Pastry Workshop

This hands on class will explore how to make classic pastries such as Cream Puffs, Tarts, and Galettes, as well as some tips and tricks to use purchased puff pastry dough. Students will each make their own tart to take home as well as samples of the other materials created.

Pie Day

Join for an evening of Pie making Fun. This course will be hands on and the student (with the instructors help) will be making pies that can be taken home by the student. Each student will receive 2 pies to take home, one cooked and one for the freezer. The instructor will be making some samples for the students to try as well. Join us for a night of Fun!

Sauce Making

This class will explore how to make different sauces to use in the kitchen. Classics like Hollandaise and Beurre blanc will be covered, along with thickening agents such as roux and starches.

Smoking Foods

Learn how to make some classic mouthwatering smoked dishes. This course will examine making brines, types of woods used for smoking, and seasoning your smoked products. Join us for this demonstration and sample course that shows the learner how it is done! Come hungry this course has samples.

Spring Cupcake Decorating

This interactive class allows the learner to decorate cupcakes with some springtime fun! This class includes 12 cupcakes to take home as well as samples and demonstrations. Join us for a fun-filled evening decorating cupcakes. This course includes all of the recipes that we will use in class!

Sushi Rice & Roll Part 1

Learn to make sushi rice and various rolling techniques, along with basic sauces. This is an introductory course, focusing on cooked sushi proteins.

Sushi Rice & Roll Part 2

Learn some advanced sushi techniques, including sauces, plate designs, proper selection and procurement of raw products, traditional garnishes and the like. Up your sushi game!

Dance Courses

Ballroom Dance

Dancing is that perfect combination of physical activity, mental stimulation, and social interaction, and it can bring so much joy to your life. This class will explore Ballroom Dances such as waltz, fox trot, rumba and cha-cha.

Swing Dance

Explores swing dancing which is one of the most fun and popular social dances. Learn how to dance to most music including pop, rock, blues, jazz and anything in between. Demonstrate and apply how this very casual dance can be used in nearly any setting.