We offer an assortment of lifestyle courses for a wide variety of interests. Bring out your creative side, get active, or stay engaged within your community.

Art Courses

Acrylic Mixed Media

Students will be using acrylic paint to create an interesting background in colors of your choice on a 12” x 16” canvas, then  papers prepared by the instructor ahead of class using a mono printing process, are added on top of the first acrylic layer, collage style. No creative experience is necessary. Acrylic and mediums may stain clothing, bring…

Art Class: Acrylic Painting

Join Lisa Krueger for a fun evening of painting in a no stress environment. You will not only use a brush in this painting, but also get aquatinted with how a palette knife can create wonderful texture to trees and snow. No experience is needed. Lisa will guide you step by step through the painting. Be aware that dried acrylic will not come out of…

Creating Mosaics

Tempered glass, otherwise known as crash glass, is a versatile material that when used as an overlay adds shimmer to an acrylic painting. Students will use tempered glass, as well as some precut stained glass pieces if desired, over an acrylic paint creation to produce compositions filled with unexpected visual interest.

Mosaic Flower Pot Workshop

Students will learn about different tesserae options, cutting glass, breaking plates, and gluing pieces to your flower pot, as well as grouting the finished product.

Culinary Courses

Dinner Party Time: 3 Course Meal - Beef

Work with Chef to create a three course gourmet meal organized around beef. Sit down and enjoy the meal with the rest of the class in our new restaurant-style classroom, Spoons!1st Course: Bleu and Orange Tenderloin Brulee Bombs2nd Course: Beef Wellington with Roasted Garlic Mashed and Fried Leek Straws3rd Course: Madagascar Vanilla Crème Brulee

Dinner Party Time: 3 Course Meal - Poultry

Work with Chef to create a three course gourmet meal organized around poultry. Sit down and enjoy the meal with the rest of the class in our new restaurant-style classroom, Spoons! 1st Course: Jamaican Jerk Chicken-Mango Salad2nd Course: Nueske’s and Apricot Chicken Rouladen with citrus risotto and lemon roasted broccolini3rd Course: Ooey Gooey…

Grilling 101

Explore the world of grilling with Chef; participants will make marinades and sauces, grill vegetables, fruits, steak, chicken-on-the-bone and skewered shrimp. This is an introduction to grilling, doneness and flavor building on a gas grill with plenty to feast on at the end.

Sushi Rice & Roll Part 1

Learn to make sushi rice and various rolling techniques, along with basic sauces. This is an introductory course, focusing on cooked sushi proteins.

Dance Courses

Ballroom Dance

Dancing is that perfect combination of physical activity, mental stimulation, and social interaction, and it can bring so much joy to your life. This class will explore Ballroom Dances such as waltz, fox trot, rumba and cha-cha.

Community Dance Class

This class will introduce students to different community based dance styles, their techniques, and cultural history and impact. Dances will include ballroom styles such as waltz, foxtrot, tango, or salsa and swing dances.

Swing Dance

Explores swing dancing which is one of the most fun and popular social dances. Learn how to dance to most music including pop, rock, blues, jazz and anything in between. Demonstrate and apply how this very casual dance can be used in nearly any setting.

Music Courses

Beginner Guitar

This course will teach you some basic chords and get you playing along with your favorite songs right away. You will need a 6 string guitar either acoustic or electric. Topics Include: •      How chords work in a song •      How to form the three main types of chords •      How to tune your guitar •      Basic strumming patterns •      How to buy…

Beginner Piano

This course will teach the introduction to the chord method rather than the traditionally taught note reading method. The chord method makes learning modern style music including jazz, blues, and country easier for beginners.

Nature Courses

Advanced Beekeeping

In this course students will build upon knowledge from the Beginning class to have hands on work splitting and grafting queens, setting up starter hives, inspecting hives, and using pesticides. This course will also discuss regulations and oversight of registered hives.

Beginning Beekeeping

In this class students will learn the basics of beekeeping, including the biology of bees, how to maintain a hive, the life cycle of bees, the hierarchy of the hive, protecting your bees from disease and predators, as well as how to winterize your hives.

Chainsaw Safety: Level One

Attendees of this class will learn how to operate a chainsaw safely and use proper felling techniques. Class begins reviewing OSHA rules and regulations and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Learners will then cover chainsaw operation, mechanics, and maintenance. In the afternoon, the class will move out into the field to learn about the…

Chicken Keeping 101

Discover the joys of raising your own flock in our Chicken Keeping 101 class. This course covers the fundamentals of chicken care including nurturing baby chicks, coop design, feeding practices, predator protection, and egg collection. Explore the diverse world of chicken breeds and learn key considerations before diving into chicken keeping.…

DIY Flower Basket

In this hands-on workshop, participants will build their very own 10” hanging basket of flowers. The instructor will cover essential topics such as selecting the ideal soil or potting medium, determining the perfect location for your hanging basket, and mastering proper water retention and drainage techniques. Learn the ins and outs of assembling a…

Wild Mushroom Foray

This course will explore the basics of safe mushroom identification for numerous spring species. There are great edible mushrooms in the spring. We will look at velvet foot, pheasant's back, wood corals, and of course morels! The second part of the class is a field trip to the woods to use the identification skills in the real world. 

Photography Courses

Foundations Of Digital Photography

This course is designed for those who want to move beyond the auto setting on the camera.  It is intended to provide you with the knowledge and tools to take artistic control over the images you create.  The course will discuss exposure control, light meters, cameras and lenses, elements of design and composition, color theory, black and white…