We offer an assortment of lifestyle courses for a wide variety of interests. Bring out your creative side, get active, or stay engaged within your community.

Culinary Courses

3 Course Meal: Farmers Market And Chicken

We will create a gourmet 3 course meal using fresh sourced ingredients from the Wausau Farmer’s Market and enjoy that meal in NTC’s new classroom-restaurant, Spoons!

Beginning Wine Making

This course is designed for those that are interested in the basics of the wine making process. Participants will learn what seasonal fruit choices are available for wine making, how the fermentation process works, what types of yeast should be used, how acidity levels and alcohol content effects the wine.

Exploring Sous Vide: Carnitas And Pork Prime Rib

Sous vide cookery is a cutting edge cooking technique that allows us to create incredibly flavorful and unique culinary experiences. In this first part of the Exploring Sous Vide series, we will make a spicy carnitas and a low and slow cooked (30 hour!) pork prime rib. Chef will demo the technique and pair the final result with flavorful sides so all participants can enjoy.

Grilling 101

Explore the world of grilling with Chef; participants will make marinades and sauces, grill vegetables, fruits, steak, chicken-on-the-bone and skewered shrimp. This is an introduction to grilling, doneness and flavor building on a gas grill with plenty to feast on at the end.

It's the Wurst!

In this class we will explore making classic Sheboygan pork and veal bratwurst, and various methods of brat cookery such as beer simmering, grilling, butterflying and sous vide. We will make mustard sauce and stadium sauce, while discussing the history of the brat in Wisconsin. Class ends with everyone as Brat King, cooking their own brat, their own way.

Worldwide Pig

Cuisines around the world raise up the noble pig as a delicious treat. We will explore simple ground pork, used in four different global cuisines – Mexican chorizo, Thai burger sliders, Italian meatballs and Cajun dirty rice. Participants will make and eat the recipes, merging traditional recipes with their own taste preferences.

Dance Courses

Ballroom Dance

Dancing is that perfect combination of physical activity, mental stimulation, and social interaction, and it can bring so much joy to your life. This class will explore Ballroom Dances such as waltz, fox trot, salsa, and tango.

Swing Dance

Explores swing dancing which is one of the most fun and popular social dances. Learn how to dance to most music including pop, rock, blues, jazz and anything in between. Demonstrate and apply how this very casual dance can be used in nearly any setting.

Nature Courses

Beginning Beekeeping

Join Laurie and Mike from Hamburg Honey in this three part workshop to explore beginning the journey of beekeeping. Learn about the biology and lifecycle of a bee, beekeeping equipment, beehive placement and protecting a hive from predators and much much more.

Hummingbirds and Orioles

Students will learn about hummingbirds and orioles as the main nectar drinkers. Participants will learn which garden plants and nectar recipes to use to help lure and keep these birds coming back.

Squirrels, Starling and Bears

Students will look at backyard predators such as squirrels, starlings and bears and learn how to keep unwanted critters away from your bird feeders.

STEM Courses

3D Design and Printing

In this course you will learn create a 3-dimensional part using design software, prepare the design to print using a slicing program, and actually print the part on a 3D printer. If you have ideas or designs in mind you can bring them with you or we can design a part from scratch. Printed parts will have a limitation of 3” x 3” x 3” in size and will be printed using PLA material. Participants will be able to take their parts home.

Laser Engraving for the Hobbyist

Laser engravers have the ability to print an image onto a material and cut through material so there are many projects and applications. In this course you will learn these functions and create a project of your own. You will learn how to create a design for the engraver, properly set up the design to print, and actually create a project. Projects will be made out of 1/8” acrylic or wood material and limited to 12” x 12” in size. Participants will be able to take their projects home.

Women and Welding

Over 4-sessions learners will be led through hands-on activities in the areas of welding, engineering and machine tool. Individuals will create an indoor-outdoor metal table that they can take home and enjoy the product of their gained knowledge for years to come! This course is taught by a female instructor but registration is open to all genders.