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Crop and Soil


Examines natural resource management, using remote sensing and GIS for mapping resources. Learners will gather and analyze data with the help of remote sensing technology. Data can be collected using ground or aerial photographs or satellite photographs of the land area being studied. With this data, learners will be able to create various land cover maps, vegetation maps, soil maps and geology maps.

Prerequisite: 10-093-103 AGRICULTURE EQUIPMENT SAFETY. Condition: Accepted into the Crop Science Associate Degree program, or with Dean approval.

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Class Number Status Start/End Date Last Date to Register Instruction Mode Campus Meeting Information Pricing
Jan 26 –
May 18
Jan 31 In Person Wausau
Jan 26 – May 18
9:00AM - 11:50AM
AG CTR Classroom AG212
Alex Crockford

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