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Involves developing and designing a project as the culminating course in the Electromechanical program. By creating a fully-functional automation system, the learner will tie together all of the concepts learned in previous courses. The project will consist of a machine of the student's choosing, and it will be automatically controlled by an industrial controller or computer. Systems analysis, problem solving and group cooperation are emphasized throughout the course.

Pre/Corequisites: 10-620-167 PLC 4: INDUSTRIAL NETWORKING, 10-620-168 PLC 5: ADVANCED INSTRUCTIONS AND PROGRAMMING, 10-620-154 ROBOT APPLICATIONS 1: FUNDAMENTALS OF ROBOTIC CONTROL, 10-620-155 ROBOTIC APPLICATIONS 2: ROBOTIC SYSTEM COMPONENTS AND SOFTWARE and 10-620-156 ROBOTIC APPLICATIONS 3: AUTOMATED ROBOT CONTROL SYSTEMS INTERFACING. Condition: Enrollment in the Electromechanical Technology Associate Degree, Industrial Electronics and Maintenance Technician Technical Diploma, or Electrical Maintenance Certificate.


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20545 Lecture Wausau

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