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Introduces the fundamental principles of direct current (DC) and the effects of resistance, capacitance and inductance operating within the DC electrical and magnetic fields. Circuit analysis utilizes project based labs where students experience the practical application of Ohm’s, Watt’s, Kirchhoff’s and Lenz’s laws. Learning experiences in IET 1 will be continued and expanded upon in IET 2.

Student has satisfied all of the following: [Student has completed or is in process of completing any of the following course(s): ELECTRIC 31413100 - Line Electrician Safety 2, ELECTROM 10620172 - Industry Workplace Safety, PETROLEU 31469100 - Gas Utility Field Training 1] And Student has satisfied all of the following: [Students who specified one or more of these Programs of Study or Program Foci: Automation Systems Technology, Automotive Technician, Electrical Maintenance, Electrical Power Distribution, Electromechanical Technology, Gas Utility Construction & Service, Industrial Automation, Industrial Electronics and Maintenance Technician]
This course is offered as self-paced learning. Projects can be completed in the IEMT Lab at your regional campus. Please check with your campus for normal operating hours. For assistance with coursework please contact your instructor. Contact advisor Steve Wittenberg with questions.
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Aug 26 – Dec 13
T112 - IEM Lab - Antigo Campus
Bryan Schroder