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Introduces the microcontroller, a tiny computer which uses digital inputs and outputs to control electrical/electronic circuits. A Basic Stamp microcontroller will be programmed via a USB port to a PC using a PBASIC editor program. It will then be connected to digital inputs such as switches and sensors and used to control output circuits such as LED displays, DC motors, relays, buzzers and servo motors.

Student has satisfied all of the following: [Student has completed or is in process of completing all of the following course(s): ELECTROM 10620172 - Industry Workplace Safety] And Student has satisfied all of the following: [Students who specified one or more of these Programs of Study or Program Foci: Automation Systems Technology, Electromechanical Technology, Industrial Automation, Industrial Electronics and Maintenance Technician, Intro to Electrical Technology]
This course is offered as self-paced learning. Projects can be completed in the IEMT Lab at your regional campus. Please check with your campus for normal operating hours. For assistance with coursework please contact your instructor. Contact advisor Steve Wittenberg with questions.
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Aug 26 – Dec 13
T112 - IEM Lab - Antigo Campus
Matt Jacobson