“How to Magically Connect with Anyone” teaches teens and young adults how to make meaningful connections and build trust with anyone that they meet.

Good news: Today’s students are the most talented, intelligent, and motivated generation there has ever been.

Bad news: Talent, intelligence, and motivation aren’t as valuable as they used to be.

In 2022 when competition is fierce, the pressure to succeed is crippling, and mental health issues are staggering, students are asking themselves: “How do I build a meaningful life and worthwhile career… without burning out?”


The most successful students – tomorrow’s professionals – are those know how to make the people in their lives feel heard, understood, and valued.

Can you really teach students how to do that in an hour?

Brian delivers powerful, engaging, and captivating presentations about the value of human connection. He uses jaw-dropping magic, audience interaction, and laugh-out-loud stories from 16 years of traveling the world. Combine that with actionable takeaways about human connection, kindness, generosity, and the value of getting out of one’s comfort zone, and you’ve got a smash hit that colleges across America have called “Perfect,” “Brilliant,” and “the best speaker we’ve ever had.”

Highlights include:

  • Interactive magic tricks sprinkled throughout
  • The famous “Ed story” from his 3.3 million views TEDx talk
  • Brian’s coveted E.A.R.S. system for mastering the art of active listening

Join us in CHS 1004 on Monday, October 3, at 5:15 p.m. to hear Brian and learn how to magically connect with anyone!