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We work individually with students who qualify for these services through an accommodations process, which provides students who are receiving college credit through NTC with the resources they need to fully participate in all aspects of learning.

Apply For Accommodations

You must first complete the accommodations application process before you can use any of the accommodations you are approved for.

Step 1: Submit Accommodations Application

You can begin the accommodations process at any time by completing the accommodations application form.

Apply For Accommodations 

Step 2: Provide Documentation

To qualify for academic accommodations, you must provide documentation from qualified professionals with credentials appropriate to the diagnosis. After completion of the accommodations application request form, you will receive an email from the disability services team outlining your next steps.

Step 3: Attend Consultation

After the accommodations application request is made and documentation is submitted, a member of Disability Services will schedule a one-on-one consultation to discuss the accommodations that you are eligible to receive and to approve a customized accommodations plan. You are then issued an accommodations card which must be presented to instructors so the approved accommodations can be provided for each class.

Use Accommodations

After presenting the accommodations card to instructors, you then request the assistive technology or accommodations you need for each class. Most requests can be fulfilled within three business days, however our Disability Services department recommends requesting accommodations four weeks prior to the start of the semester so that they are in place when you begin your classes.

In addition to the approved accommodations, additional resources in which an accommodations card and pre-approval are not necessary are available to you.

Use Accommodations 

Accommodations Card Renewal

Accommodations cards are valid for the academic year in which they are issued and can be presented to instructors for courses during the fall semester, Winterim, spring semester and through the summer semester.

After July 1, you can renew accommodations cards for the upcoming academic year by completing an accommodation card renewal form. If a current accommodations card is lost or misplaced, you can request that a new card is issued by filling out the same accommodation card renewal form.

If adjustments are made to your accommodations while you are completing college courses through NTC, a new consultation can be requested and the accommodations process begins again.

Renew or Replace Accommodations Card 

Contact Disability Services

The Disability Services team is happy to help you, and can be contacted by phone at 715.803.1469, through fax at 715.301.2469 or via email at We are located in room C163 at the Wausau campus.

Meet The DS Team

Disclosure of any disability information will not affect a student’s enrollment status, placement into programs, classes or financial aid.