The 21st Century Worker seminar is a full-day seminar aimed to provide participants with a broad yet accessible understanding of AI, covering fundamental concepts, practical applications, future trends and personal upward mobility strategies. By incorporating interactive elements and real-world examples, we enhance engagement and knowledge retention. Seminar participants embark on an immersive exploration of artificial intelligence (AI). Beginning with the foundational understanding of AI's definition and historical context, the seminar progresses into the intricate realm of machine learning, showcasing its varied applications in supervised, unsupervised, and reinforcement learning. Our real-world case studies bring AI to life, demonstrating its transformative impact across industries. Our seminar uniquely breaks down the mechanics and structure of AI technologies, leaving participants with a holistic perspective on the challenges and opportunities in AI. The seminar is designed to foster an environment of curiosity and collaboration, encouraging participants to envision the role of AI in their respective fields and prepare them for the integration of AI into their workplaces.


What's Included:

  • Full day of learning during workshop
  • Continued online access to content covered during workshop
  • PLUS an additional 6 hours of learning/materials


Meet the Presenter: Israel Squires

Israel Squires

Israel Squires is a cofounder of Midpoint Consulting. He is an M&A/securities lawyer turned AI software entrepreneur. Having created products, sold products and procured venture capital from some of the world’s most advanced markets, he brings a global view to building and scaling businesses.

Before founding Midpoint, Israel scaled an AI startup in Asia that utilized a machine learning photo and video recognition system to recognize retail items in social content. Before that, he built a communications and analytics-tracking platform that allowed sports organizations to centralize communications with both internal and external stakeholders in a way that provided real-time prediction in order to increase efficiencies.  He brought this foundational system 0-1 at twenty-three years old, while practicing M&A/securities law in Madison, WI.

Israel and cofounder, Devvan Stokes, started Midpoint in 2021 where they began investing and working with early-stage AI founders in a venture studio style deployment. While they were willing the bet everything on AI, they did not expect ChatGPT to be the catalyst for what has become the AI movement today. They shifted to providing AI consulting services in 2022 and have quickly become a leading consulting company in the Midwest. They have built industry-changing technologies and consulted some of the region’s largest companies.

Israel earned his bachelor’s degree from Concordia University-St. Paul while being a 3-year starter on the football team and earning ESPN All-American status. He earned his Juris Doctorate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School.



Individual Registration..................................................$199*

Group Registration (3 or more)....................................$149*

*Lunch included