The Tactical Training Expo will be held at Northcentral Technical College and the Lincoln County Sheriff's range with an exciting new line up of courses and instructors. Some of the courses are limited to the number of students that can attend so register early to ensure your spot. Please refer to the course  summary (on MTOA's website)  for class descriptions and equipment/ammunition requirements.  If you are attending a non-live-fire course, bring a red gun, barrel block, etc.

MTOA is a non-profit association representing interested Law Enforcement Professionals through the Midwest. Our mission is dedicated to keeping you updated with the topics, techniques and tools to help you face the threats of today, tomorrow and the future. 

NEW This Year!

MTOA will be offering a 40-hour Basic SWAT Training with instructor Mike Valencia. Click HERE to learn more and register. 

Conference agenda

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

1200 - 1600: Registration

1600 - 2000: Vendor Showcase

     Vendor Showcase is open to all LEOs, Military, Fire and EMS

1800 - 2100: Safety Briefing & Opening Speaker - Dinner Provided

Meet Our Speaker: David Harris is a Green Beret assigned to the 3rd Special Forces Group (SFG) and is a Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Instructor (SFAUC). At present, David is the primary instructor for Combat Marksmanship. During David's military career he has served as a stinger missile crewman, a senior weapons sergeant, and an assaultor on the Crisis Response Force and he has deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ghana, and Pakistan. David's military education includes Special Forces Advanced Reconnaissance Target Analysis and Exploitation, Special Forces Sniper School, Advanced Rifle Marksmandship, and Advanced Pistol Marksmanship. 

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

0645 - 0715: Late Registration

0800 -1700: Training Sessions

  • CTS Chemical Munitions and NFDD Day 1
  • Precision Rifle/Sniper Course Day 1
  • Tactical Carbine (Live Fire) – David Harris
  • Basic TEMS/RTF – Franco LCFD-WI DOJ/DCI
  • Red Dot Pistol Course – Adrian Allen, Critical Impact Group
  • Rural Fugitive/Manhunt – WI DOJ/DCI

Thursday, May 9, 2024

0800 - 1700: Training Sessions

  • CTS Chemical Munitions and NFDD Day 2
  • Precision Rifle/Sniper Course Day 2
  • Advanced TEMS/RTF, Franco LCFD-WI DOJ/DCI 
  • Rural Fugitive/Manhunt – WI DOJ/DCI
  • Close Quarters Combat - David Harris, Vortex


Registration Rates

Full Conference Registration - $250

One Day Registration (Wednesday OR Thursday) - $150

 Full conference fee includes: annual MTOA membership, 2-1/2 days of training, and 2 lunches.


NEW! Group Registration!

Register a group of 5 or more and receive $25 off each registration!

To register a group, email


Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center

1100 Imperial Ave., Rothschild, WI 54474

A room block is available at Stoney Creek Inn. Please contact the hotel at 715-355-6858 and mention "Midwest Tactical Officers Association" to reserve your room.