(WAUSAU, Wis.) – Beginning in Fall 2021, students at Northcentral Technical College (NTC) can select from three new degree programs created in response to growing job markets and the needs of current and prospective students.

“When we develop new degree programs, we focus on quality, accessibility and cost,” said Darren Ackley, Vice President for Learning, NTC. “This student-centered design gives learners the opportunity to develop the skills they need to be successful when it’s convenient for them in an affordable manner.”

Applications are now being accepted for new programs in Data Analytics, Law Enforcement in the 21st Century and Veterinary Technician. Both Data Analytics and Law Enforcement in the 21st Century are offered 100% online through NTC’s most flexible option, Virtual College.

“Each new program is taught by experts in their field who use the latest technologies in the classroom,” said Ackley. “Students can expect a high-tech, high-quality education.”

For more information or to apply to one of NTC’s new programs, visit www.ntc.edu/academics-training/programs or contact Admissions at 715.803.1645.


Overview of New Programs

Data Analytics Associate Degree

This program will prepare learners to map, interpret and strategically use data as it is used across several sectors. Students will identify data patterns and relationships, map data across different sources, create databases and reports, apply statistical tools, practice problem solving and strategic thinking, and utilize technology to meet tactical objectives related to data. This program is available 100% online.

Average starting salary: $31,200 - $42,432

Potential occupations include: Data Architect, Database Developer, Database Consultant, Information Modeling Engineer Specialist, Data Administrator, Data Warehouse Analyst

Law Enforcement in the 21st Century Associate Degree

This program is designed for actively employed public safety professionals, including, but not limited to, Police Officers, Corrections Officers and Dispatchers, who wish to earn a degree to further their career. Critical areas in modern policing will be analyzed, including: community policing; de-escalation; crisis intervention; the role of first-line supervisors; early intervention systems; internal affairs; community affairs; technology; and proactive crime prevention. This program is available 100% online.

Veterinary Technician Associate Degree

This program will prepare learners with the skills necessary to provide medical and nursing care for a variety of animal species including dogs, cats, cattle, birds, pigs, small mammals, horses, and reptiles. Students will have the opportunity to work closely with the NTC dairy farm operation and take several classes concentrating on dairy medicine and will also complete an internship in a veterinary practice to apply their learning in real world situations.

Average starting salary: $22,142 - $25,822

Potential careers include: Emergency Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Assistant