Individuals under the age of eighteen (18) may enroll in courses offered by the District under the following stipulations:

  • The individual must satisfy the requirements for admission.
  • The individual cannot attend classes during the regular school day. Students are able to attend classes in the evenings, online, or in the summer. Home school students* and those participating in Start College Now, Career (Tech) Prep Programs, or Contracted Courses are exempt, and may attend courses during the school day.
  • The Individual cannot enroll in Adult Basic Education (ABE) Courses. Students can only enroll in ABE under a 118.15 contract with the local school district.

In addition, in accordance with State Statute 38.22, for those under the age of sixteen (16):

  • The district board or their designee must agree to admit the individual. The Vice President of Student Services will be the assigned designee. The student may be required to interview and provide academic records prior to being admitted.
  • The individual has the written permission from their parent or guardian.

Additionally, for those under the age of fourteen (14):

  • A parent or guardian must also enroll in and attend the class as a regular student.

Programs Offering Enrollment to High School Students

Start College Now (38.12(14)):

Individuals who have completed 10th grade, enrolling in post-secondary courses:

Career (Tech) Prep Transcripted Credit (118.34):

Individuals in Grades 11 & 12 (exceptions for grades 9 & 10 may be granted by the college), enrolling in dual credit courses offered in their home high school under an agreement between the college and K-12 school district.

Contract for Services 38.14(3):

Individuals in any grade enrolling in post-secondary coursework under a contract between the K-12 district and the college for courses.

*per WI state statute 38.22(1s)(d)