NTC strives to provide an environment where students can be successful in pursuing their academic goals. The college welcomes comments and concerns.

Improvement Through Feedback

The online customer comment and quality improvement form is posted on the NTC Website. Feedback is routed to the appropriate Executive Leadership Team (ELT) member for follow up.

If students would prefer to speak to someone in person, they are directed to contact their academic advisor.

Students are encouraged to communicate directly with staff and faculty regarding their concerns. Often, these concerns can be resolved informally.

Formal Grievance Process

A grievance is a complaint by a student against a policy or practice of the College or College staff that is considered improper or unfair, or where there has been deviation from or a misinterpretation/misapplication of a practice or policy. A student wishing to pursue a grievance must take the following steps to try to resolve the grievance prior to filling out an official complaint form (i.e. Academic Appeal or Behavior (Sanction) Appeal Form). Complaint forms are acknowledged within two calendar days, preferably within 24 hours.

Helpful Notes

  • Individuals are encouraged to first try and resolve the matter with the appropriate NTC staff member.
  • If resolution is not achieved between the individual and the NTC staff member, the individual may contact the staff member’s immediate supervisor to resolve the grievance.
  • If resolution is not achieved at the supervisory level, the individual may bring the concern to the designated ELT Leader to resolve the grievance.
  • If resolution is not achieved at this point, the individual may file a complaint using the appropriate complaint form.

ELT level academic and Student Behavior Appeals are managed by an ELT member who does not supervise the area in question.

An overview of Title IX, a comprehensive federal law that prohibits sex discrimination in higher educational institutions, can be found on our Title IX page.

If a student submits a comment or concern and is not satisfied with the College’s internal process, they have a right to file a complaint to the Wisconsin Technical College System. For more information, contact complaints@wtcsystem.edu or call 608.266.2302.

Our institution is a member of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA). Distance education students at Wisconsin institutions participating in SARA have additional, but limited rights, to file a complaint with Wisconsin’s Distance Learning Authorization Board (DLAB) for distance education activity that is conducted across state lines. More information can be found on our Distance Learning Student Complaints page.

Procedure for Resolving Discrimination and Harassment Complaints

Because discrimination and harassment, a form of discrimination, are illegal practices, and because these actions can cause serious harm to the productivity, efficiency, and stability of all activities taking place at, or sponsored by, Northcentral Technical College, the District will take specific steps to investigate and eliminate discrimination and harassment. Complaints may be reported either formally or informally.

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