Tom Nienow discovered his career passion at NTC after returning home from a four-year college that wasn’t the right fit.

Upon his return to Wausau, Nienow knew that NTC would be there for him. He began taking science classes and completed the CNA program. That’s when Nienow discovered his career passion for nursing with the help of NTC’s pre-health advisor, Justin Willis.

Nienow had the support and confidence to continue his education after a conversation with Willis about his goals, motivation and life experience.

“I didn’t realize how good of a fit it would be for me until I got into those classes and saw the instructors focus the material on your career path and how much it focused on what you do day-to-day,” said Nienow.

Employed by Aspirus Wausau Hospital in the Cardiac Telemetry Unit before graduation, Nienow is already earning his bachelor’s program through a transfer agreement at NTC. He is considering future options to continue his education by pursuing a doctorate of nurse practice degree.

“To be able to say that the path forward is very bright and attainable for me… that changed my life,” said Nienow.

Kelsi Seubert

Kelsi Seubert

Manager of Marketing & Public Relations
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