From customer service to patient care, Juanmanuel Rocha continues to succeed as the first college graduate in his family.

A passion for service to others has taken Juanmanuel Rocha from employment at a grocery store to the healthcare field. Each step of the way, NTC has been there.

“I started (at NTC) with my CPR class and now I continued my education and ended up taking the Medical Assistant program,” said Rocha. “You really do start here and go anywhere.”

It’s a journey that Rocha says may help his younger siblings realize that they can also be successful in college.

“Being the very first one in my family to go onto secondary education and be a college graduate was very scary, but after being introduced to everyone and faculty and staff here – especially the instructors – it was nice to know that they were always there for me,” said Rocha. “They were always there for everyone else. What I did was right. The path that I took was right. Everything just continues to grow from here on out.”

Kelsi Seubert

Kelsi Seubert

Manager of Marketing & Public Relations
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