After years in the workforce, Ryan Whitcraft found success by going back to school to make a career change.

Starting college as an adult could be intimidating for some, but for Ryan Whitcraft, it was where he found success.

Whitcraft’s journey into healthcare began with a simple inquiry at NTC, leading to a meeting with a career coach who helped him align his interests and skills with his education. He had always been interested in physics and was fascinated by the idea that he could help physicians diagnose their patients through a deeper understanding of the human body.

“It’s important to take the time to figure out what you want to do or who you want to be,” Whitcraft said.  

After taking a general anatomy and physiology class, Whitcraft knew that a future career in radiography was right for him.

Now, as a radiology technologist, Whitcraft finds meaning in providing diagnostic images that give valuable information to providers and his patients.

“The advice that I would give somebody who is looking to make a drastic {career} change, is to really look inward and think about what it is that makes you happy, Whitcraft said.”

“I was looking for a change and Northcentral Technical College was that change.”

Kelsi Seubert

Kelsi Seubert

Manager of Marketing & Public Relations
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