Having a well written resume and cover letter, demonstrating professional soft skills, and having the right references play an important role when searching and applying for employment.  These resources will help you build on these skills so you are prepared to network with employers.

Job Search Skills Booklet

This handbook is an extremely valuable tool for students who are seeking a job. Within it, you’ll find detailed information on how to complete applications, develop resumes, create cover letters and prepare for an interview.

  • Job Hunting
  • Cover Letters & Resumes
  • Portfolios
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Interview Prep
  • Common Interview Questions
  • During the Interview
  • Job Shadows, Mock Interviews and Workshops

Download the Job Search Skills Booklet 

Soft Skills Guides

When trying to land a job, the little details can have a big impact. While technical skills are crucial for any job seeker, they need to be paired with soft skills to truly be effective. Our soft skills guides take you through some of the most overlooked soft skills in the job search process, such as giving a proper handshake and displaying an attitude of gratitude.

Get the Reference, Get the Job

Reference Form Instructions

The student reference form is used by students who are seeking a job or an internship and wish to gain a reference from an instructor.

When you complete this form online, your instructor will be notified to complete the reference form and will email it to the designated employer. If no designated employer is provided, you will need to provide your instructor with an employer's email at a later time and will not need to complete this form again.

Student Reference Form

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Dina Kilinski

Dina Kilinski

Career Services & Youth Apprenticeship Manager

Dina coordinates the high school Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program and works with employers and students to offer career services.