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Northcentral Technical College provides academic accommodations to students with disabilities to ensure equal access to higher education.

Pre-Approved Accommodations

An accommodations card and pre-approval is required to use these accommodations. An accommodations card is valid through the summer semester of the academic year in which they are issued. In order to use the pre-approved resources, students will need to complete an accommodations card renewal form if their card has expired.

E-Text/Accessible Books

This accommodation allows a student to “listen” to books or class material with either text–to-speech (TTS) software or with speech-output equipment. (It is recommended that requests be made 4 weeks in advance)

Request E-Text 

Testing Accommodation

Accommodations can be provided for a variety of testing situations at NTC including admissions, program and GED guidance. (Requests must be made 3 business days in advance)

Request Testing Accommodations 

Adaptive Equipment

This accommodation allows a student to obtain a Smartpen or recorder. These tools can assist with notetaking and record audio from class lectures. (Requests must be made 2 business days in advance)

Request Adaptive Equipment 

Accessible Classroom Material

This accommodation allows a student to obtain lecture material and/or classroom handouts in an accessible format that best suit their needs. This may consist of receiving an accessible copy of the lecture notes. (Requests must be made 2 business days in advance)

Request Accessible Classroom Material 

Additional Resources

No accommodations card is required to use these resources.


NaturalReader is a text to speech software that converts text into spoken words. Natural Reader will read text to the user and can convert text from websites as well as PDF files, Microsoft Word files, and eBooks.

Get NaturalReader 

Assistive Technology Database

The website for Georgia’s Assistive Technology Act Program features a searchable database of assistive technologies. The technologies can be sorted by purpose, price, or operating system.

View Database