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This clinical course builds on and expands the technical/clinical skills student dental hygienists began developing in Dental Hygiene Process I. Under the direct supervision of an instructor, students apply patient care assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation skills to provide comprehensive care for calculus case type 1 and 2 patients and perio case patients. Dental Hygiene Process II introduces the application of fluoride and desensitizing agents, whole mouth assessments, comprehensive periodontal examinations, application of sealants and patient classification. Students also begin performing removal of supragingival stain, dental plaque, calcified accretions and deposits. The course reinforces the application of Dental Health Safety skills.

Prerequisites: 10-508-102 ORAL ANATOMY, EMBRY, HISTOLOGY, 10-508-103 DENTAL RADIOGRAPHY and 10-508-105 DENTAL HYGIENE PROCESS I. Pre/Corequisite: 10-508-109 CARIOLOGY. Condition: Accepted into the Dental Hygienist Associate Degree program.

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