Post Secondary

Prepares dental auxiliary students to handle and prepare dental materials such as liners, bases, cements, amalgam, resin restorative materials, gypsum products and impression materials. They also learn to take alginate impressions on manikins and clean removable appliances. This course is aligned to serve students in the Dental Hygienist Associate Degree and Dental Assistant Technical Diploma programs.

Student has satisfied all of the following: [Student has completed any of the following course(s): DENTAL 10508101 - Dental Health Safety, DENTAL 10508102 - Oral Anatomy, Embry, Histology, DENTAL 31508304 - Dental & General Anatomy] And Student has satisfied all of the following: [Students who specified one or more of these Programs of Study or Program Foci: Dental Assistant (Short-Term), Dental Hygienist]

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