Post Secondary

Prepares dental auxiliary students to operate x-ray units and expose bitewing, periapical, extra oral and occlusal radiographs. Emphasis is placed on protection against x-ray hazards. Students also process, mount and evaluate radiographs for diagnostic value. In this course students demonstrate competency on a manikin. In addition, students expose bitewing radiographs on a peer, role-play patient. Students gain further experience in exposing radiographs on patients in the clinical portion of their program. This course also provides the background in radiographic theory required for students to make informed decisions and adjustments.

Pre/Corequisites: 10-508-101 DENTAL HEALTH SAFETY, and 10-508-102 ORAL ANATOMY, EMBRY, HISTOLOGY or 31-508-304 DENTAL & GENERAL ANATOMY. Condition: Accepted into the Dental Hygienist Associate Degree program or Dental Assistant Technical Diploma, or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.

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