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Prepares the learner to provide evidence-based care to diverse patient populations across the lifespan by focusing on basic nursing concepts. Current and historical issues impacting nursing will be explored with emphasis on patient safety, communication, and the nursing process. The nursing process will be introduced as a framework for providing safe and culturally competent nursing care for patients with alterations in cognition, elimination, comfort, grief/loss, mobility, integument, and fluid and electrolyte balance.

Prerequisite: 10-806-177 GEN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY. Pre/Corequisite: 10-809-188 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. Condition: Accepted into the Nursing Associate Degree program.


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20935 Lecture Interactive Video Conferencing
20936 Lecture Interactive Video Conferencing
20937 Lecture Interactive Video Conferencing
23940 Lecture Wausau
20934 Lecture Interactive Video Conferencing

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