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This course focuses on topics related to health promotion for individuals and families throughout the lifespan. We will cover nursing care of the developing family, which includes reproductive issues, pregnancy, labor and delivery, post-partum, the newborn, and the child. Recognizing the spectrum of healthy families we will discern patterns associated with adaptive and maladaptive behaviors applying mental health principles. An emphasis is placed on teaching and supporting healthy lifestyles choices for individuals of all ages. Nutrition, exercise, stress management, empowerment, and risk reduction practices are highlighted. Study of the family will cover dynamics, functions, discipline styles, and stages of development.

Prerequisites: 10-543-101 NURSING FUNDAMENTALS, 10-543-102 NURSING SKILLS, 10-543-103 NURSING PHARMACOLOGY, 10-543-104 NSG: INTRO CLINICAL PRACTICE and 10-809-188 DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY. Condition: Accepted into the Nursing Associate Degree program.

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