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Compares equipment and techniques used in the major arc welding and thermal cutting processes. Learners perform introductory level welds in the SMAW, GMAW, FCAW and GTAW processes. Learners also perform material preparation skills including shearing, grinding and thermal cutting.

Condition: Accepted into a Welding Associate Degree program or Technical Diploma, Electromechanical Technology, Automotive Technology or Diesel Technology Associate Degree program or Automotive Technician, Diesel Equipment Mechanic, Machine Tool, Manufacturing Technician or Agriculture Equipment Technician Technical Diploma, or with Dean or Associate Dean approval.


Class # Start Date End Date Mode Location
20750 Lecture Antigo
20689 Lecture Wausau
20690 Lecture Wausau
20692 Lecture Wausau
20704 Lecture Wausau
20705 Lecture Wausau
20707 Lecture Wausau
20739 Lecture Phillips